All-time favorite classic taho.

Oi Taho

Bring the nostalgia back with a daily serving of our re-imagined classic taho, made to perfection – a well-blended sweet concoction mixed into soy milk and tapioca pearls.

Classic Taho Selection

Fill your insatiable taho appetite with four (4) delectable sizes. May it be 16 oz or the whopping 3L tub, choices are endless. Soon more sizes and flavor will be made available for your party, family, or barkada!

Our taho are made from finest imported soybeans

Soybean is a specie of legume native to East Asia. It is widely grown for its edible bean, which has numerous uses. It is traditionally used in making tufo, soy sauce, bean paste, and of course, taho.

Oi Taho only use imported soybeans from North America, known for its strict agricultural and environmental practice that ensures highest bean quality. 

Fine Ingredients

We use top quality soybean imported from North America, tapioca pearl from Taiwan, and brown sugar produced from the sugar plantation in Cebu and Negros.


Top Quality Soybean

Black Tapioca Pearl

Black Tapioca Pearl

Brown Sugar


All-new Taho Subscription

The only food subscription service of its kind. Save more by subscribing to a daily serving of our delictable freshly made taho. Delivered right at your doorstop!


Sizes & Flavors

Cups served

Classic Taho

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