About Us

Oi Taho is a brand owned and operated by Classic Food Inc, a food service company envisioned to bring innovation in food.

Serving classic taho since 2021

Our love for classic taho roots back during childhood days. It brings us back to our younger years of running up and down on what-used-to-be-empty-streets while holding rubber slippers trying to hit the battered tin can inside a charcoal-drawn circle.  Yes! Those were the times.

Our Promise to You

Our products are made fresh EVERYDAY! As a promise, all orders are scheduled for delivery are made on the same day.


100% Imported Soybean

Our taho are made from the finest ingredients, imported from Canada and the US.


Fair Trade

All other ingredients are sourced locally, specially the muscovado (and the alternative brown sugar), which is sourced in the Visayas.


High Quality

Along with high quality soybeans, we also use other ingredients sourced locally for quality reason.


Always Fresh

Yes! You heard it right, its always fresh. Our taho products are prepared everyday. We don’t compromise freshness and quality.

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MCA Suites, M.P. Yap Street
APM Centrale, A. Soriano Avenue

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